Monday, 1 October 2012

Mandorlini: "The lads believed in the victory"

Andrea Mandorlini
Andrea Mandorlini was satisfied at the end of the game: "At the end of the first half I didn't know what to tell to the lads because they played a superb game. I told them to keep on doing the great job. We found the winning goal in the last minutes and I think we deserved it. I risked when I changed the tactical scheme, because we were very offensive, but we won and this is the most important thing".

The manager, who lost his voice during the game, continued: "These kind of victories are very useful for the group. We can improve even more but by now I'm really happy". Then he spent few words about Bojinov: "He was our principal forward when I put him into the game. But the team worked for him and they were all fantastic".

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