Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mandorlini: "We need to be more humble"

Andrea Mandorlini
Andrea Mandorlini was certainly annoyed after losing in Padova in the 94th minute. Here's his thoughts about the game: "We made the game, always trying to win it, the mistakes are part of the game and this time we paid them. I'm so much angry, because I don't think the team deserved to lose tonight. We had few chances to close the game and we need to be more cynic. A two-faced Verona? Sometimes it comes about that we start very well and then we let ourself down. We don't have to think how good we can play, this is a signal of no humbleness and I don't like it at all. Hallfredsson's substitution? He played well, but we didn't stop playing after we changed him. Bojinov? I thought it was the right moment, the team was creating a lot without finalizing. I tried to win the game but in retrospect it was better to put in a defender. We need to concentrate on Grosseto now. Tough defeat? Yes, we need to be more humble, I think that the defeats don't help a team, I want always to win".

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