Monday, 8 October 2012

Pagelle, Padova 2-1 Hellas Verona

Andrea Mandorlini in Padova
Rafael 6: The Brazilian goalkeeper is completely blameless in the two goals scored by Padova. He then saves a dangerous shot by Rafael and one volley tries by Granoche. Honestly he did not have so many work.

Cacciatore 6: The former Sampdoria defender plays a good game holding back both Renzetti and the awaited Cutolo. He did not push too much like we saw in the last game. In the second half Mandorlini put him on the right.

Maietta 5.5: Not a great game by the captain. Although Padova second goal was an error by Moras, he was too slow on covering Raimondi. Honestly Mimmo didn't play a good game.

Moras 5: The Greek made a bad error on Padova's goal sliding down and allowing Raimondi to shot. Until that moment he played a sufficient game. A bit unlucky and a bit careless at the end of the game: from a player of his experience it is not allow.

Martinho 5.5: Today the workaholic Brazilian on loan from Catania and the run's valve seems turned off. He attacked just three times in the whole game. On Padova's first goal he had to mark Farias.
('84: Bojinov sv)

Laner 5.5: He'd be the Hellas Verona man of the match if we would calculate it in based of the will but Friday night he was too slow and without ideas.

Jorginho 6: First game as an Italian citizen for the young Brazilian born midfielder that controls the whole midfield without any problems. Same solidity and precision but the usual football intelligence he showed us is missed by the whole team.

Hallfredsson 6.5: Definitely the best gialloblu player. The Icelandic scored an important goal after just '6 minutes and then he starts some good actions and he gives many times some troubles to Padova defense. Unexplainable his substitution.
('73 Abbate 5: Matteo shares the mistake in Padova's second goal with Moras)

Gomez 4.5: The invisible man. Clearly one of the best player in the whole team but Juanito is far relative of the player we use to know. The mark must be interpret like a spur on because we know his amazing skills.

Cacia 6: He does what he can. The Catanzaro born forward shots three times and takes up Silvestri few times with his perfect headers, especially on the first half. He doesn't have any particular sin because he doesn't see the ball too much.

Rivas 4.5: Same thing as Gomez. He didn't play for Hellas last season but the essence doesn't change:  a different player to the one we saw with Varese last year and with Bari before. We know how decisive he can be.
('55 Carrozza 6.5: A ferret. The winger is very fast and fit. When he comes in for Rivas he showed all his best causing some apprehensions to Padova defense)

Mandorlini 5: Verona start well the match but after the goal the gialloblu disappear. Bojinov came in too late and for the wrong player. With Gomez and Rivas not at their usual level why not conceding an opportunity to Carrozza? Playing a 4-2-4 away for ten minutes it's a bit too much imprudent and in fact Padova goal came from a counter attack. Finally, Hallfredsson substitution was unexplainable as we said earlier.

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