Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Calcioscommesse, Grosseto and Lecce: few chances to avoid relegation

Lecce ultras years ago
From the one part there are the hopes of Grosseto and Lecce, while from the other part the dreams of Vicenza and Nocerina.
What are we talking about? Synthetically about the famous calcioscommesse scandal that seems not to be finished after Juventus was relegated years ago.

Grosseto and Lecce are now in real troubles as they risk to be relegated in Lega Pro after their presidents, Camilli for the maremmani and Semeraro (who has now left the charge) for the salentini, succeeded to fix games.

The indiscretions coming from Rome, give to the two teams few chances to keep the category they have deserved on the pitch. What might happen then? Well, the teams relegated last year with the better classification, in that case Vicenza and Nocerina, should replace Grosseto and Lecce in the forthcoming Serie B league. It won't be so easy and quick, as it happens often in Itally, but tomorrow there will be the inferior court judgment made by the Commissione Disciplinare.
After the 15th August there will be the trial in front of the Giustizia Federale.

As the Lecce ultras said years ago in that banner ("La classifica non ci cambia, avanti Lecce!"/"The category doesn't change us, Come on Lecce!"), we're sure that the supporters will always be behind their team but this case is going to be long and full of twists.

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