Saturday, 11 August 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Pesoli chained himself in front of the FIGC

Emanuele Pesoli with Hellas shirt

The thing has something incredible.
Hellas Verona centre-back Emanuele Pesoli phoned the calciomercato expert Alfredo PedullĂ  yesterday night and he announced to chained himself in front of the FIGC and to carry out a hunger strike.

The simply question is: why did he take this choice?
The defender born in Anagni was suspended for three years yesterday by the inferior court after he was incriminated to takepart in the match fixing between Siena and Varese in 2010. The accusers are former Hellas Verona defender Gervasoni and Carobbio who said they were in agreement
with Pesoli to meet him to deliver him some money in exchange of a draw.

Pesoli questions his innocence and the impossibily of having a confrontation with both Gervasoni and Carobbio. In front of the FIGC's gateways, the defender said to the journalists: "I feel myself hurt because of this sentence and I ask a confrontation with my accusers. I'm not calling into question the work of the magistrates and of Palazzi, but I'd like to defend myself in a honest way".

Then he added: "It's a strong protest but my life is ruined for a thing that I've never done. Before stopping playing football I'd like to defend myself with all my possibilities. I hope someone will come here, I think about the FIGC president Giancarlo Abete".

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