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Coppa Italia, Genoa 2-5 Hellas Verona (1-1 aet)

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Genoa 2-5 Hellas Verona (1-1 a.e.t.)
Goal scorers: '32 Jankovic, '65 Bjelanovic
Penaties sequence: Bacinovic goal, Jankovic post; Jorginho goal, Immobile out; Laner goal, Canini goal; Maietta goal.

In the 3rd round of Coppa Italia, Hellas Verona win in Marassi against Luigi De Canio's Genoa and ensure the game against Palermo in the fourth round.
After a first half where the gialloblu suffered the rossublu, in the second half Hellas dominate the game and find the equalizer with Croatian forward Bjelanovic who is about to leave in the next few days.

Here's the live commentary of the match:

'13: Gilardino impacts the ball but Rafael touches and concedes a corner;
'18: Seymour tries from 25 yards, Rafael saves;
'19: corner for Genoa: Canini's header in the fray is just outside the goal;
'19: yellow card for Bacinovic;
'29: Great chance for Hellas!!! Grossi starts the counter-attack serving Martinho who immediately passes to Jorginho who is one-on-one against Frey but the young Brazilian incredibly missed the opportunity by shooting wide;
'30: Frey saves with his foots a Bjelanovic's shot;
'31: Albertazzi is booked after a foul on Jankovic;
'32: Genoa scores! The free-kick is converted by the Serbian Jankovic: 1-0 to Grifone;
'36: Grossi is booked;
'38: Another great save by Rafael on another Jankovic shot;
'39: Maietta receives a yellow card;
'41: Antonelli crosses from the left and Rossi's header is wide away.

'49: Genoa dangerous from the left as Antonelli cross is blocked by Rafael;
'50: Seymour tries the spectacular but his shot is wide away;
'51: Genoa hits the post with a header by Marco Rossi who impacts a cross by Jankovic;
'58: Antonelli is booked;
'65: GOOOOAAAL!!! Bjelanovic equalizes! Gomez crosses from the right and Sasa heads it home beating Frey;
'70: the lineman disallows Gomez goal for an offside;
'74: Rivas passes around two Genoa players and shots but Granqvist saves with his body;
'75: Rivas cross is just outside the goal, great chance agin for the gialloblu;
'76: yellow card for Biondini;
'78: Crespo crosses from the left and Rivas tries the shot: just away;
'83: Gilardino tries with his right foot but the ball is higher;
'85: another counter-attack for Hellas: Rivas shots but again a defender saves with his leg;
'91: Moretti receives a yellow card;

'95: good diagonal shot by Immobile but the ball is out;
'104: Rivas tries with a great powerful shot but Frey saves again;

'111: corner from the left for Genoa: Moretti's header is high over the bar;
'114: the ball hit by Jankovic's head is just away;
'115: Gilardino is booked;
'119: Seymour tries to score with a difficult shot and the ball ends outside Rafael's goal;

Genoa wins the coin draw and decide to shot under the Gradinata Nord while Hellas will shot first.

Bacinovic scores!!! 1-0 Hellas.
Jankovic hits the post! Still 1-0 for the gialloblu.
Jorginho! 2-0 Hellas.
Immobile penalty is wide away. Second error for the rossoblu. 2-0 Hellas!
Laneeeer!!! 3-0 Hellas.
Canini scores! 3-1 Hellas.
Frey could not save it: Maietta scores and the gialloblu goes through after penalties!!!

Genoa CFC: (4-3-3) Frey; Mesto, Tomovic, Canini, Antonelli ('65 Moretti); Biondini ('76 Immobile), Seymour, Merkel ('46 Granqvist); Rossi, Gilardino, Jankovic.
Subs not used: Zima, Jorquera, Toszer, Bertolacci.
Manager: Luigi De Canio

Hellas Verona FC: (4-3-3) Rafael; Crespo, Moras, Maietta, Albertazzi ('54 Hallfredsson); Jorginho, Bacinovic, Martinho; Gomez, Bjelanovic ('101 Laner), Grossi ('54 Rivas).
Subs not used: Nicolas, Ceccarelli, Abbate, Verdun.
Manager: Andrea Mandorlini

Referee: Banti (Livorno)
Target. Yellow cards: Bacinovic, Albertazzi, Grossi, Maietta, Antonelli, Moretti, Gilardino. Red cards: -. Injury time: 0', 4'; 1' 1st et, 1' 2nd et. Attendance: around 8.000.

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