Monday, 6 August 2012

Gomez: "In our team there's cooperation"

Juanito Gomez in action last Saturday

"I needed more luck: I hit the ball very good with my right instep, but it strikes the bar while the keeper was just looking at it, it's a shame". That was what Juanito Gomez said in the post-match conference about his amazing chance to score the equalizer.
"In our team there is a way of play, an idea that we're trying to develop. We need time to be tuned as a team but there are lot of improvements".

Then he added: "I'm completely in hand of mister Mandorlini, when I play and I have fun every role is good, there's always something to learn. The lads who joined us this season brought us quality but also last year we were equipped. We'll try to make something more than we did last year's but it won't be easy"

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