Friday, 7 September 2012

Bojinov: "Hellas, you have nothing less than Juve"

Valeri Bojinov at the 'Bentegodi'
Valeri Emil Bojinov introduced himself yesterday afternoon to the press at the 'Bentegodi' stadium. He said he was enthusiastic and much determined. Then he started with his first words as a gialloblu: "Verona is great. 20,000 people every Saturday, this is not a Serie B team. We deserve more, this is our aim. I really can't wait to win".

Then Bojinov approached the gialloblu to another team: "If I think about Hellas, well, we're not inferior to Juventus. I played there and I won the Serie B League. Lot of fans, great passion, great interest in the team: we have nothing less than Juve. For this reason I immediately agreed to join".

The offers from other clubs were important: "Hamburg and Torino contacted me. But I liked Hellas project. The sporting director Sogliano and the president Setti: how could I refuse? Then I spoke with Mandorlini. What to say about him? He's determined, a person who never gives up, exactly what we need. He has won here, you know better than me his qualities".

Years ago, Bojinov was considered as one of the biggest talent in European football. Fiorentina first and then Juventus before joining Manchester City. But something did not work. He said: "I don't look at the past. I could talk about it for ages but I don't care. I'm 26, the perfect age to demonstrate who I am. And Verona is the ideal place to do it".

Even if he is in the Bulgarian national team he was not called up for tonight's game against Italy.
Bojinov trained in the last weeks: "I worked well, I'm fit now. If Hellas need me, I'm ready. I want to give a lot to the gialloblu. How many goals this year? I prefer to demonstrate than talking. Ten, fifteen, twenty...the most important thing is to help Hellas to achieve the aim that we prearrange. I'm humble, I'm here to demonstrate".

Sporting director Sean Sogliano with Bulgarian striker Valeri Bojinov (26)

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