Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sogliano: "Slow start? I'm not worried but I'd like more grit"

Sporting director Sean Sogliano

According to most of the Serie B experts, to not say all of them, Hellas Verona is the favorite team to win this year the Serie B League. The scaligeri sporting director Sean Sogliano was interviewed yesterday after the press conference of Cacciatore and Berardi and was asked him about Verona's slow start: "I'm not worried. We know our potentialities but we must not have a big head and think about winning every game. Let's give time to the team, I'm sure that the team will grow up soon".

Then Sogliano 'asked' an important thing to his players: "I want to see more grip in their eyes. I'd like to see a team ready to give everything to obtain a positive result. We must come off the pitch with no energies left. I want another mentality, a more fighting Hellas. In this way the draws will become soon victories".

The transfer market is now closed and the sporting director conveyed his thoughts: "I'm a perfectionist and I want always the best. I'm sure that I signed the right players for this team, the players that Hellas needed. This is a city where there is lot of pressure and players have to respond positively".

In conclusion, Sogliano talked about Bojinov, who was signed by Sporting Lisbon: "He's my personal bet. He wants to demonstrate he can play football at high levels and he wants to do it here. Normally I try convince players but this time was him who tried to convince me. He was very anxious when we were in Milan waiting for the transfer coming from Portugal. It's not about the League, he would have came even if we were in Serie C. I know how much he can gave us. His behavior is what we needed".

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