Thursday, 6 September 2012

Grosseto and Vicenza got a transfer market extension

Franco Semioli with Sampdoria shirt
Anyone who said that the calciomercato was over the 31st August was definitely wrong. In fact, Grosseto and Vicenza, in Serie B, and Lecce and Nocerina, in Lega Pro, asked and got an extension to operate on the transfer market until the 10th September.
The decision was taken after the Corte Federale's decision to assign the above-mentioned teams to their current Leagues after the calcioscommesse scandal was over.

The teams can sign new players from every club in Italy but they cannot sell players to those teams that are not included in this special extension.

Vicenza, in particular, is very active: Semioli and Padalino are close to be signed on an undisclosed fee by Sampdoria as well as Laczko who will join the biancorossi on loan in exchange of midfielder Gavazzi.

Despite Grosseto president Piero Camilli said there won't be any signings in this special transfer market, the maremmani are close on signing Blazej Augustyn, last year with Vicenza, and Adrian Ricchiuti, both from Catania.

Regarding the teams not included in this special situation, Brescia signed free-agent Stovini on a one-year deal. Reggina is trying to resign Bonazzoli by reducing him his wage as well as Varese that is terribly worried on losing Ebagua for free in January.

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