Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mandorlini ahead of Varese: "We have some deflections but we're self-confident"

Andrea Mandorlini
source: Hellas1903.it

Andrea Mandorlini looked a bit afflict when he remembered about Novara game: "In the second half we had a wrong attitude, we defended too much. But they've equalized thank to an error of our goalkeeper, we conceded nothing much. This Hellas have never lost, I like this team: I'm very happy of what we're doing".

The manager of Ravenna started in that way his press conference ahead of Varese tie: "We're going to plat against a tough opponent that is in Serie B high positions since years. We have some deflections, lot of injuries, and we're going there with only 19 players included three goalkeepers: the situation is this one but we're ready".

It's difficult to theorize a turnover: "Lot of players will miss the game, so it won't be easy. But we're a strong team, we never give up. Everybody has problems, even in Serie A I saw them clearly. But we must insist, knowing that we're improving day after day".

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